Forbes Life Magazine

December 4, 2006


We’ve been getting some great press coverage this year. I just did an interview with the Wall Street Journal today and HOW Magazine. Tomorrow I’m getting interviewed by Rob Walker the well-known and highly respected writer for the New York Times Magazine. He writes a great column called Consumed. Our friend Josh Spear just featured us on his very popular blog. These are all world-class media outlets so we’re honored. Maxim magazine even did a small review on us last month. Not too many products could appear in all these magazines and publications and appeal to such a broad base of readers. I guess that’s one thing that makes us special.

 What we’re really happy about is being highlighted as anideal holiday gift by ForbesLife Magazine (Dec. issue). So far the response has been great. The media has been fantastic to us and I hope it keeps on coming…

 Here is the excerpt from Forbes:

It’s So You! Ottawa-based DNA 11 updates the concept of the portrait for the C.S.I. era, transforming clients’ “genetic fingerprints” into abstract works of art. This complex-sounding procedure is actually a snap. The Canadian company mails out a collection kit. You swab the inside of your cheek, send in the sample, then select the size and color of your DNA portrait. Six to eight weeks later you can display your double helix for all to see. Priced from $390–$790.

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