DNA 11 Portrait Featured in CSI:NY Episode

April 14, 2007


You know you’re becoming part of ‘pop culture’ when you appear on CSI. The producers of CSI: NY contacted us to ask if we wanted to participate in an episode. At first we were a bit concerned how it was going to be used- but we couldn’t say no- we knew it would be a great opportunity to share our idea with the world. In this episode called “What schemes may come” a suspect’s DNA portrait is used to match her DNA to a crime without the need for getting a warrant.  This of course could never happenin real life.  The images we produce, although generated from our customer’s DNA and completely unique to each individual actually hold no forensically valid data. Also the sequences that we target are not disclosed to anyone outside of our labs.  We take mutiple steps to ensure the privacy of our clients.  So you don’t need to worry if you’re planning on doing any major crimes. 🙂

It was really cool to work with the producers of CSI and to see our art on CSI:NY.  Hopefully we can post a video clip in the next few days.

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