This is DNA 11’s Blog- the original creators of DNA Art.

Endorsed by the Museum of Modern Art design stores in New York as innovative masterpieces, our DNA Portraits™, FingerPrint Portraits™ and KISS Portraits™ let you make the ultimate personal artistic statement.

Start creating yours now!


3 Responses to “About DNA 11”

  1. Patrick Carlos Says:


    I live in the Philippines. How do I avail of your services given the distance? Would a DNA sample have a shelf life that needs to be met in order for you to get mine that is workable from your end?

    Also, I am interested to know how I can become a franchisee or distributor of your products here in the Philippines/Asia.


  2. Kellie G. Says:

    greetings !

    This is an excellent and unique work of art. It would be a great memorialization product. Grieving families could benefit with artwork that is truly personal.

  3. Hello my name is Daivid and I love your DNA art, I read your story on how you came up with the idea of DNA 11 art, I can relate to the insparation. I have developed a very unique piece of art as well, and I think that your art and my art should come together as one, you be the judge visit my web site and picture your art on my art,and let me know what you think. I know together we can make millions. My cell phone is 773-499-6816. We are starting to produce art for Harley-Davidson motor cycles, I know a union with your product and our product the possibilites are endless.

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